Interpersonal Communications

Estoy tomando algunos cursos en Sun Academic Initiative, especificamente uno llamado Interpersonal Communications: The Process y en el hay un tema destinado para conocer cual es nuestro sistema de comunicacion y nos presenta un test para identificarlo, lo comparto con ustedes ya que puede ser de utilidad:

How to Score:
Score 3 for the phrases that best describe you, 2 for the descriptions that are quite like you and 1 for the statements that aren't at all like you. When you have completed the test, total the score for each section. The highest of the three scores indicates your dominant representational system and your preferred communication style.

I remember information better if I write it down.
I look at the person talking to help me stay focused.
I use the way I dress to express my moods.
I doodle or jot down notes when talking on the telephone.
I respond strongly to colors and the way a room looks.
When I recall written information I see the page in my head.
I have a very good memory for people and faces.
I make important decisions based on what looks best.
I don't need a quiet place to get my work done.
I often picture things or events in my head.
I have trouble maintaining interest during long discussions.
I hate it when people block my view.

I pay more attention to what people say than how they look.
I make important decisions based on what sounds best.
When I read I hear the words in my head.
I often misread words from written text.
I often talk to myself either out loud or silently.
I do not follow written directions well.
I would rather listen and learn than read and learn.
I have a good memory for names.
I often listen to the TV without watching what's on the screen.
It is important for my working environment to be quiet.
I use my tone of voice to express my moods.
I enjoy catching up with friends on the phone.

I start a project before reading the directions.
I hate to sit at my desk for long periods of time.
I make important decisions based on what feels best.
It is important for my working environment to be comfortable.
I prefer to try new things out for myself.
It's as important for my clothes to fit well as to look good.
I use my hands when describing things.
I rewrite my notes to reinforce the information.
I share my feelings with others to express my moods.
I'm not afraid to act on instinct rather than logic.
I'm very aware of my health and physical state.
When I read I run my finger along the lines of words

Mis resultados fueron:
Visual 21 puntos.
Auditory 25 puntos.
Kinesthetic 21 puntos.

Asi que todo es tan claro ahora, ahora entiendo la razon por la que no tomo apuntes, con el simple hecho de escuchar entiendo las cosas :D , ahora entiendo la razon por la que me dicen que soy bueno tomando requerimientos, :up: y el porque me dicen que "soy bueno escuchando", en fin las descripciones de cada sistema de comunicacion son:

The Characteristics of Communication Styles – Auditory

People with an auditory communication style
are very moderate in their gestures
are very attentive to speech and often tilt their heads when listening
often look from side to side when speaking or thinking – left when remembering, right when imagining
repeat questions out loud and frequently talk to themselves
speak in low-pitched, rhythmic, smooth voices
are selective in the words they use, and what they say
use sound-oriented verbs such as hear, listen, talk, speak, and shout
remember verbal sequences easily
learn by listening :)

The Characteristics of Communication Styles – Visual

People with a visual communication style
use their hands a lot and often accompany what they say with exaggerated gestures
pay attention to their posture and appearance
are often well organized
speak quickly and in high pitched voices
have excellent memories and will describe things in minute detail
use sight-oriented verbs such as look, see, picture, and imagine
often look up when speaking – up and left when remembering, up and right when imagining
think quickly and are easily bored
retain information as mental images

The Characteristics of Communication Styles – Kinesthetic

People with a kinesthetic communication style
are very tactile and comfortable being close to others
are responsive to physical contact
move and speak slowly and deliberately
pause frequently during conversation to "get in touch" with their feelings
will often look down towards the floor when speaking
rely very much on their "intuition" or "gut feelings"
use action-oriented verbs such as touch, run, hold, and move
show interest in how others feel and are willing to talk openly about their own feelings
don't like to be still for too long and frequently need to stand up and move around
learn by being "hands on" or reinforce their ability to remember information by writing it down

Espero les sea de utilidad.


12 comentarios en “Interpersonal Communications

  1. Pues algo me hace creer que tal vez sí seamos hermanitos :pAquí los míos:Visual 21Auditory 26Kinesthetic 26Jejeje me salió empate XDEstá suave el test, ya había hecho unos en la secundaria, pero estaban bien chafas :ko: ya ni me acuerdo cuál fué mi resultado n_nUSaludos!

  2. Yo soy completamente visual… De hecho sólo hice ese y mi resultado fue:Visual: 33 :yes:Me gustó que me hiciera oficial lo que ya sabía… Wiii :D :DSaludos Héctor! :)

  3. Acá tienes los mios, Héctor: Visual: 23 Auditory: 18 Kinesthetic: 22Cuando estoy aprendiendo el español,suelo escribir las frases.Esto hé hecho siempre.Que pases un buen finde. (visual=gtk,no?)

  4. Katin–> Que bonita familia :happy: Viole –> Por algo estudias diseño :lol: Fi –> jajaja si GTK :pingu: Viv –> haaa igual un besito para ti :love: :flirt: :heart: Ero –> Tal parece que todo mundo, menos Katin y yo, son "Visual" :p


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